This decreases the build/production cost of artillery equipment. Letting you allocate more factories to other important productions like airplanes or motorized​ 


This comes in handy when you're just learning the mechanics of the game and want to have fun. Create a new text document using wordpad or similar software, then copy and paste the below into it: *Note: Specified equipment must be researched for add_equipment command to work.

Technology. Motorized. <1936. 1936. x. 1937.

Hoi4 motorized artillery

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The classic 14/4, and its lesser cousin the 7/2, are solid as ever. 20 and 40 width armor divisions are as strong as ever. Probably the most common infantry template is 14 infantry And to make the above command 200 Towed Artillery (artillery_equipment_1), all you'd have to do is change 'motorized_rocket_equipment_1' to 'artillery_equipment_1': If you're looking for a list of equipment names/codes like the ones used in the examples above, check out our equipment names list, on which you can find a searchable list of conversions for equipment codes in Hearts of Iron IV This is a guide for the Bearer of Artillery and to a lesser extent Poland can into Space. HOI4 Console Commands Equipment Codes Hearts of Iron IV Equipment Cheat Codes. Otherwise, their only other effects are access to several Secret Weapon technologies.

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20 width motorized divisions of either 10 mot or 7 mot/2 LSPG, or even 6 mot/2 LSPG/1LT can do wonders. They carry all the drawbacks of being an armored division, while not packing enough firepower to make up for it.

As a general rule, line-artillery units and armor take 500 men per unit in your division, infantry takes 1000 and motorized & mechanized take 1200. Training Time: There are two versions of training time, 120 and 180. 120 is for infantry and 180 for tanks.

Hoi4 motorized artillery

motorized_rocket, Motorized rocket artillery (only 1). gw_tank, Equipment of the tanks  Fuel Review and Motorized Artillery. ons 9 januari 2019 05:20 PST. Nyhetsevent. Let's have an update on some of the things the HoI4 Content Design team has  21 mars 2018 — Guns Trucks.

this guide will show 10 or so tips from ship templates, naval task forces and a few extra hearts of iron … Infantry is the most common type of unit in the game as well as one of the main fields of technology. 1 Unit 2 Technology 2.1 Tree 2.2 Field 2.2.1 Technologies 2.2.2 Specialties 2.2.3 Strategy 3 See also see main article: Infantry Division Infantry is easily the most common military unit in Hearts of Iron. Accessible technology and low cost ensure that all nations are capable of raising Self-propelled artillery is artillery equipped with its own propulsion system to move towards its firing position. Within the terminology are the self-propelled gun, self-propelled howitzer, self-propelled mortar, and rocket artillery. They are high mobility vehicles, usually based on continuous tracks carrying either a large field gun, howitzer, mortar, or some form of rocket/missile launcher. They are usually used for … 2020-10-26 – en stiglöpares äventyr i ord och bild. Hem; Löpning; Fågelskådning; Fotografering; Resor; Fika; hoi4 artillery division template When is Anti-Air Artillery available in HOI4?
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Hoi4 motorized artillery

Hearts of Iron IV is a wargame developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. It was released in June 2016.

If you put in proper motorized rocket artillery, then I have no idea what happened. A screenshot of the division should help to clear it up.
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Skip to the bottom for TLDR; The long. The main advantage of Rocket artillery is the massive firepower it can bring in a short time.